We build craters from first-class dry timber of high quality quality of different sections, which depends on the site of construction for better fitting into the spacious whole, as well as on climatic conditions.

We offer ladle boots:

  • Rectangular section thickness from 25 mm to 70 mm
  • Half-edges, 25-70 mm thick

The conifer timber with its structure meets the requirements for the resistance and strength of the construction, as well as the set of high criteria in terms of thermal insulation of the external walls. Its exceptional insulating properties will be presented as an example;

for example. A brick wall of 25cm wide, disassembled from the outside and the inside, which is common in individual housing construction, can be replaced by a wall of boots with a thickness of 7 cm which has the same coefficient of heat conductivity.

The chamomile is characterized by other properties essential for a healthy and comfortable living. By its structure, the boom is a spicy tree, which excludes the presence of any pests in it.

Also, as pure natural material, it secretes enzymes that suit people, and this is a matter of special importance to people who are prone to allergies.

Mushrooms always choose
natural, healthy and clean
environment for growth …


The wallboard is a wall that breathes, ensuring always good humidity and heat in the room. The structure and color of the wood create a pleasant smell and warm ambience, and its diffusion and absorption properties support the process of air purification, with a special indication that the wood does not emit harmful radioactive rays.
The construction of wooden houses and buildings is a dry construction and therefore a faster migration, while the quatro-system of corner joining and longitudinal grooves ensure the elastic strength of the structure particularly suitable for the rearing areas.

Drying of sawmill assortments used for wood cabin production

After sawmill processing, sawmill assortments are naturally and artificially dried. The beams for the supporting elements of the interconstructed structures, the beds for the construction of the roof structures and the prism for the construction of the wood cabins are naturally dried in therefore appropriately arranged canopies where they dry on humidity of 18% + 2%. Other wooden assortments of 24 and 48 mm boards, for wall and indoor roofing and patos (22 mm thick for marble floors) and classic 32 mm thickness, for floor floors after natural drying, we dry for humidity of 12% +2 %.

Finishing of the wood cabin

After the process of natural and artificial drying of sawmill assemblies, we perform the final processing in the plant for final processing s.z.t.r. “Jasen” Han-Pogled. On modern machines, after preparing the elements in the tailoring department, we perform four-sided rendering or blending on a special four-sided screening – a blueprint for Swedish production. On that occasion, we get a finished chip element in one technological crossing of the cross section 12 x 4.5 cm in two possible profiles:

  1. a) The first profile is an attractive half-shape, which has a pronounced curvature on the outside, and on the inside it is a flat surface. On the sides of the half-face on one side, a pen is made on the other slot.
  2. b) The second profile is rectangular in shape with a flat interior and exterior surface and with two grooves on one or two pens on the other side. We also process the beams as supporting elements of the intermediate structure, and we can process them on a visible side with a certain visible profile. The billets for the supporting elements of the roof structure are processed four-sided with the execution of the longitudinal profile on the visible side. The floor thickness of 32 mm, for the floor and ceiling on the intermediate structures, we work from the boards of the board, on the underside (ceiling side), thus achieving a visible connection between the floorboards, which gives the aesthetic component to the entire surface of the pathos.

The floor floor is made of boards with a thickness of 22 mm and placed on floor floor surfaces. All other elements (shelves, racks, underpants, weights, etc.), four-sided rendered with visible sides, are profiled in the appropriate profile.

We can supply the wood cabins with and without surface treatment depending on the customer’s desire. We recommend customers with surface protection of wood according to the system of triple protection with transparent coatings:

  1. a) The first coating is an impregnating agent that ensures deep wood protection in such a way that the impregnating agent penetrates and penetrates up to 2 cm deep into the depth of the tree into the anatomical structures of the dragon tree (trachea and tracheaids), thereby impregnating or popularly tanning, thereby preventing penetration of moisture into wood from the environment.
  2. b) the other coating is a stain or a transparent coating that emphasizes the texture of the wood. There are different tones of colorless (code 1), wrinkle (mark 2), to dark, color of palisander tree (code 98).
  3. c) The third coating is a lacquer with which we perform the final protection of the wood with the addition of a lacquered surface.

With this three-step protection we obtain safe protection of wood from the atmospheric influences of sun, rain, moisture, and protection from insects, mushrooms and fungi.