Omora 42+14

Model “Omora 42 + 14” belongs to the group of “Mountain wood cabin”. “Mountain wood cabin” can be ground or floor constraction where the first floor can be a stone basement, while the other one is wooden or floors to be wooden. As far as the exterior is concerned, the main visual feature is a roof structure that enables a very effective protection of the object from mountain winds and snow deposits.

“Omora 42 + 14” basically has dimensions of 7m x 4m which gives a total area of ​​28 square meters on the first floor, out of which 20 goes to the interior and 8 on the entrance porch and terrace. The interior consists of a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom. On the first floor there is a bedroom of 22 square meters and a balcony of 6 squares.



Order production

Arrangement and distribution of interior elements is subject to free choice of the buyer. The dimensions of the object are also subject to change according to the customer’s wishes.