In addition to its pleasant exterior which we fit into the nature that usually surrounds the cabinets, the interior of the wood cabin should be warm and safe.

Interior design is a personal matter of the client and the possibilities are variations. “Jasen” in its production program owns interior decoration products that are produced exclusively from wood.

Of the products intended for interior decoration, we distinguish:

  • cladding
  • decking
  • furniture (beds, cabinets, closets …)


In the production program we have a thickness of 10 to 18 mm thick..



We produce a decking thickness from 18 to 22 mm. For the production of the decking, we use spruce, fir, pine wood. By using and processing the decking of different types of wood we achieve different effects on the appearance and charm of the interior.

brodski_pod brodski_pod


“Јасен” product is a product of the old-fashioned dimensions that the mattresses fit for. Standard bed models in our offer are:

  • bed for one person measuring 90 x 200 x 35 cm (width, length, height)
  • double bed dimensions 160 x 200 x 35 cm (width, length, height)
  • bed on a floor measuring 90 h 200 h 35 (165) cm (width, length, height of the lower bed, height of the upper bed)


In addition to the standard dimensions, we are able to create extra-dimensional beds.