Summer houses & garden furniture

Sunny and long summer days are ideal for staying in nature, picnics, barbecue and enjoying the gardens. The preparation season for the equipping of gardens starts at the beginning of spring, and most of the works are brought to the end of spring and early summer, so that the days during the summer and autumn remain to be enjoyed or some minor gardens.

Garden furniture that you can find in our offer is characterized by an appealing design, comfort and functionality. The base of each garden is a seating set, the size of which depends on the space you have and the number of persons for whom it is foreseen. In our offer, there are mini folding sets, suitable for entering inside or laying down under the roof, if weather conditions so require, or you simply want to move the furniture from the garden to the terrace.

Every garden is incomplete without flowers and other ornamental plants. As a supplement that gives the charm and smell of ethno style, the jardiners appear. Jardinieres can be of different shapes and sizes, but they are all in common, made of quality wood. In our proprietary program we have several standard models, but we are always ready to meet clients with special requirements.

The summer residence is a place where people spend their free time during the days of the summer, and during the evening they become hospices in which the family is gathering and summarizing the previous day, Sunday, month. For these reasons it is necessary for the summer house to be pleasantly decorated, from natural materials, in order for its visitors to have a pleasant time in it. Our summer houses are made of carefully selected and processed wooden elements (beams, boards, battens).

Child imagination is infinite and very rich and resourceful, but it still needs to be given some incentive. For children’s play and creativity, we are able to meet our customers in order to beautify their garden and make it interesting for their children. The “Jasen” cabinets also have garden equipment for children’s play – rackets, swings, toys …

In addition to standard models, we are able to use our knowledge and experience to meet the special needs of our clients.