Over the centuries, man during his development has improved and developed the culture and way of living as well as the facilities in which he is doing it.

Wood cabin occupy a special place in that lifecycle that continues to this day.

Throughout the time one simple question:

Why wood?

got a lot of answers:

1. Wood is six times better insulator than brick, and 15 times better insulator than concrete.
2. The house built of bricks and concrete at the end of the construction contains moisture and it takes  10 to 24 months of natural drying to be healthy for housing.
3. In Russia, even today there are church churches built in the 16th century.
4. In Scandinavia and North America, more than 90% of houses are wooden houses.
5. Wood density is from 400 to 800 kg / m3, and concrete is 2,500 kg / m3. So, wood is five times lighter than concrete.
6. Wood always contains a certain amount of moisture and is more inflammable than other dry materials.
7. Three centimeters thick wood has thermal insulation like 45 cm concrete or 18 cm bricks.
8. In the event of fire, the wood carries ten times less heat of melting than concrete and even 250 times than steel.